What Is/Are #Dadgoals?

I’m new to this. And by this, I really do mean all of this.
So, my #dadgoals are pretty much this: don’t screw up, at least not everything.
Allow me to delineate the changes I’ve gone through the last couple of years:

  • Marriage. Ok, maybe not just marriage, but a good marriage. It’s amazing what changes when your daily life makes sense.
  • Wanting kids. Again, it’s not just the wanting. That had happened before. It’s the wanting and seeing it as possible.
  • Trying to have kids. Again, while the motions of attempt aren’t exactly new…actually hoping for that result sure was.
  • Not having kids. It’s a mind-twister, wanting kids and seeing it slip away, month after month, while you wonder what’s wrong.
  • Getting pregnant. This one’s straight up new. There’s no way to be prepared for marriage while pregnant.
  • Getting ready for the baby. I have zero idea what I’m doing.
  • Future tense: living with a baby. It’s not here yet, but I’ll talk about it. Incessantly.

Somewhere in all that new and undiscovered country (maybe the wrong metaphor, for any Shakespeare buffs out there, but I’m sticking with it), I think there will be beauty, frustration, and humor. Often all 3, often all the time. Here’s my proposal: I’ll try to write about it. Maybe you’ll come back to read some of it.


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