What Are #DadGoals?

I’m a late-in-life, first-time dad. And, as I assume it is with all new dads, I’m scared to death.

Navigating a new marriage, with a new baby, in the midst of an entirely new life that began just past my 40th birthday, those things change your goals completely.

I’m concerned with where we’re going, where we’ve been, and what we’re going to do. This world doesn’t happen in a straight line. It loops and curves and rises and falls, and somehow we’re supposed to know where we’re going, without a map.

So I’m making my own map, with thoughts about my daughter, my wife & marriage, raising a post-millennial baby in a pop-culture obsessed society, and some more serious considerations about books, music, even God.

I can’t say what’s ahead, but I can say what’s been, what’s now, and what I want. My #DadGoals are to make those three known.


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