Love In The Time Of Colic

   Everything changes, every day. We're pushing six months into this new adventure, and the most concise way to put is this: It never disappoints. Our girl grows and learns. She laughs and sits and rolls. She hurts and cries, too. Her mother and I--my wife and I--work to remember that both titles apply, Mom … Continue reading Love In The Time Of Colic


FOMO Hits ‘Em Young These Days

   My daughter has FOMO. That's the only explanation I can think of. It starts about the time I get tired, every night. What I want is to sit down for few minutes, possibly read, maybe just stare ahead and anticipate the cold IPA I'm planning to open. Not Collins. She knows. There are things … Continue reading FOMO Hits ‘Em Young These Days

What The Anti-Vaxxers (might) Get Right**

**Hopefully, that header makes you cringe. Don't worry. I'm not some nut job thinking immunizations are part of a government control operation, or a profit-center for Big Pharma, using kids as guinea pigs for weirdly unknown (yet nefarious and clandestine) research. You know, the people that think pertussis somehow equates to a little scratchy throat … Continue reading What The Anti-Vaxxers (might) Get Right**