Outbreaks from my armchair

Yes, anything I write probably ought to have that qualifier, that I am at best an armchair expert and in reality, not even close about, really, everything I type. Hasn't stopped me yet... I was thinking about outbreaks of supposedly "cured" diseases this week--and by "cured" I of course mean "vaccinated." Things like polio, measles, … Continue reading Outbreaks from my armchair

Inertia (from my draft folder)

[In non-shocking news, I have drafts I started and never published. Mainly because writing more than 10 minutes at a time has seemed impossible. It's not, btw, butmy brain loves its excuses. So I've forgotten what more was supposed to happen here, so I'm giving it a light edit and hitting publish. Not all my … Continue reading Inertia (from my draft folder)

And Again

Two years. The sort of time frame that might feel like forever as you go through it, then in retrospect, seem like a blink of an eye. Not this time. It's been a long time, no matter which way you look at it. Our daughter, despite her attempts to never eat any protein with dinner, … Continue reading And Again